Jo Fox BA, BSW

Jo is one of a handful of consultants specialising in Integrated Children's System (ICS) practice and its impact on social workers and the children and families they serve. For the last five years, Jo has been providing consultancy services to UK Children’s Services – offering the benefit of her 20 years experience and determination to improve practice.

Originally from Australia, between 1989 and 1999 Jo worked on the Gold Coast in the Disability Services with children and in Canberra in both NGO and Family Services over a 10 year period. She moved to the UK in 2001.

Prior to founding Child Centred Practice, Jo worked with children and families as a social worker before moving into project management and learning development. Responsible for implementing ICS in Cumbria, since 2007 she has utilised that knowledge to support other authorities to successfully implement and utilise the ICS system.

The majority of her work consists of working with social workers in group settings to look a how to use the whole ICS system including the framework for assessment, the data management toolset, and the recording framework to improve social work interventions and outcomes and to accurately reflect the work of the practitioner.

She has also undertaken evaluation work on different implementations and written practice guidance to support the use of the system.

Prior to leaving Cumbria, Jo was responsible for assisting the local authority to move its education and social care case management services into a ‘virtual case management team’ - using the Common Assessment framework as the passport to all the key services.

In addition she has worked with Wales where she trained multi-agency staff working with children to use the common assessment tool as the first assessment to be undertaken with any child or family in four pilot areas.