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Our aim is to form close, helpful partnerships with a small number of Local Authorities so we can support them to continuously improve the delivery of the services they offer to children, young people and their families. We prefer to develop long term relationships with our partners were we are able to see the impact of the training and development work that we do.

This means that each of our trainers are carefully picked to enhance our small company’s knowledge and experience. All our trainers are social workers and they have had experience in practice in the last 2 years. We are always looking for opportunities to increase our practice experience.

Each of our trainers has areas of specialty. Together we are able to each across the breadth of Children Social Care.

The job of our team is to work in partnership with Local Authorities and other businesses offering social care to support, challenge and keep confident, curious and improving social work practitioners. We do this by offering:

  • Space to reflect on current practice and goals
  • Opportunities to develop insight into practice behaviour
  • Strategies to change or challenge those behaviours
  • Opportunities to refresh, acquire and practice skills specific to case work
  • Access to latest research and knowledge

The Management

Jo Fox
Pete Fox

The Trainers

Phil Rigotti

Fareena Shaheed

Lynda Maudlin



Sarah Pritchard

Gerry Nosowska

The Support Team

Erica Gaffney
Training Business Support Manager

Jools Watson
Graphic Designer


Kat Curr
Administration Support

Patty Williams
Accounts and Finance