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Established in 2007, Child Centred Practice Ltd is a specialist social care training company based in the north of England (Cumbria) with a broad UK client base. Our training programmes are recognised nationally for their excellent quality and practical tools that in turn help social care practitioners deliver positive change for children and their families. 

Child Centred Practice is dedicated to providing innovative training and technology solutions to help practitioners who work with children achieve levels of excellence.  Call us on 01900 822458 to discuss your individual requirements.


Children’s Social Care Trainers (UK-wide)

Social Work Trainer/s required for an initial one year contract (with possibility of permanent appointment based upon performance). National coverage requiring travel and training delivery across the UK.

Position: Children's Social Care Trainer
Location: UK-wide (Cumbria HQ)
Salary: Up to £38,000 p/a gross (including pension contribution) + expenses
Working Hours: Full time
Start date: Available for immediate commencement

As demand for our courses continues to grow, we are seeking to recruit dynamic, motivated social care specialists to join our existing training team. Note that you do not need to be based in Cumbria to apply (our trainers are located across the UK).

We are also seeking training consultants who are interested in joining CCP's team of self-employed trainers.

For more information please send an email to or call our office on 01900 822458. You can download a more detailed role description here.

Strengthening Practice Programme

The Strengthening Practice Programme was developed by practitioners from Children and Adult Social Care over a number of years.  Its purpose is to offer post qualified staff working with children, adults and their families access to up to date knowledge and research that can be applied in a practical way day to day. The overall aim of the program is to be helpful to practitioners and their management in carrying out their roles.

KEY CONCEPTS: The programme has three key concepts that build successful transference of training into practice.  Partnership Structure Content

1. PARTNERSHIP - the approach taken by CCP and the commissioning authority is one of working together with the common aims of supporting practitioners to deliver excellent services.  Leadership in terms of the key messages and content, the environment into which these messages are delivered and the behaviour of leadership and CCP teams are crucial to the programmes' success. 

The programme content is able to be tailored to meet the specific needs of the commissioning organisation and any materials or practice or pro forma specific to the organisation can also be included and emphasised. 

The seminar offers a chance for involvement of the leadership team as key speakers. This promotes clarity of expectations in the workforce that contributes positively to the program success. 

Team manager participation in the programme, especially the workshops and the ALS provides the maximum opportunity for training transfer into the workplace.  

1. STRUCTURE - the programme has a number of learning tiers designed to rehearse, and embed the practitioners knowledge and skills.  These tiers are:
a)  Seminars - each topic area has a large event with a guest speaker from the commissioning organisation and a speaker with up to date national knowledge on the topic area.  These events are a chance for the organisation to communicate their key messages to their staff and set out the purpose of the programme.  These seminars are for all staff and partner agencies where appropriate.
b)  Workshops - these 2 day face to face workshops build on the messages from the seminar. The workshops are interactive and practical, adopting a tell-show-do approach which requires demonstration by participants of the skills acquired. These workshops are attended by all staff nominated for the program including team managers and middle management where appropriate.
c) Action Learning Sets - Held 6 weeks after the workshops to re-visit key skills and explore transference in the workplace, these learning sets are for small cohorts (usually teams).  It provides an opportunity to look at behaviour change and identify barriers in the work place alongside skill rehearsal.

A typical programme consists of 5 modules and runs over 18 months with staff groups of up to 150 participating.  

2. CONTENT - EVIDENCE BASED: The programme, based on the tasks of assessment, planning, intervention and review, uses a mix of evidence based research and tools to provide practitioners with a range of strategies and approaches.  The course writers are associate members of Research in Practice, BASW and hold social work degrees or are commissioned specifically to write in their area of expertise (communication, law).  Each module is mapped against the PCF and the Skills and Knowledge frameworks.

Each module is informed by the service user pathway and by the day to day tasks of the practitioners.  The modules are built to re-inforce and compliment each other so that the commissioning organisations key messages and skill requirements are re-inforced over the programmes' life. 

The programme has an emphasis on supporting practitioners to draw on practice wisdom, knowledge and critical thinking to identify and deliver helpful interventions to service users.

The modules include: Strengthening Assessment,  Strengthening Planning, Strengthening Parenting Capacity, Strengthening Supervision, Strengthening Communication, Strengthening Attachment, Strengthening Recording and Strengthening Interventions.    

Strengthening Managers Programme

The Strengthening Managers Programme was developed in partnership with Effective Practice and the commissioning local authority.

The Strengthening Managers programme is aimed at supporting staff responsible for case holding practitioners to think of their role systemically in terms of their own behaviour and skills; the behaviour and skills of their staff; and the organisation and the environment into which they deliver the services. 

Outcomes of Programme
Managers lead, model and themselves deliver:A focus on children, adults and families in the region

  • Clear expectations and accountability
  • Work that is based on outcomes, not on outputs
  • Professional judgement through critically reflective practice
  • Defensible decision making
  • Flexibility, prioritising and proactive self-management in a changing environment
  • Constructive challenge and support for improvement
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Emotionally intelligent practice
  • Positive relationships both internally and externally with other agencies.

In order to achieve Council and Directorate goals, managers lead, model and themselves deliver the organisation’s:

  • values;
  • system change; and
  • culture change.

The programme has been run successfully with participants from both children and adult services with more than authorities staff participating.  It can also be run for specific groups within one authority. 

Child Centred Practice is a member of the UK Register of Learning Providers

We now have a purpose-made training room in our head office suitable for small groups up to 12 people.

Practice Manual

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What our clients say...

“Best course I have been on for years. Great materials, tasks verbal information, questionnaires, etc. Inspirational, passionate facilitators. Looking forward to next sessions. Safe environment to speak. Time to rethink my role and become enthusiastic again.”  Strengthening Managers participant 2014

“The time was very useful in exploring my current practice and allowed reflection around areas to improve and strategies for doing so. The prioritisation and planning was particularly useful for a new manager as was the exercise about what is in my control, what I can influence and what is out of my control.”   Feedback from South Tyneside manager’s cohort one, 2014

“The ‘Strengthening Practice’ bespoke training programme delivered to all staff is a key element of the improvement strategy designed to equip the workforce with the essential skills. This challenging programme has been well received by staff and managers. A ‘strengthening leadership’ programme will begin in June designed to help front line managers develop the essential skills for good social work practice.” TAKEN FROM Ofsted report: Inspection of local authority arrangements for the protection of children Cumbria County Council Inspection dates: 13-22 May 2013

"The information was interesting and valuable, that content was relevant and that they learned."  Cumbria County Council, 2013

"As a result of the learning development programme...workers are developing into a confident workforce. This positive change has been noted in recent Ofsted inspections."  Hartlepool Council

Client List

We have successfully worked with over a dozen authorities to help them help their staff improve outcomes for children.

See our client list  here.

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